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NAD Camp Evangelism Reports & Board Meeting - 10/9/17

October 9, 2017


Tracy Wood shared the following document (click here) listing the totals of summer camp staff hired, attendance, and decisions for Christ and requests for baptism from throughout the NAD. Double check to make sure your camp's information has been included. If not, click here for a report form. Make sure it gets to Tracy ASAP (his contact information is on the report form).


The NAD youth department would also like to collect information from those conferences who conducted day camps. Click here for a copy of the form to complete.

Also, though not all camps may have the information readily available, a significant piece of the evangelism that happens at camp is during the year-around operation. Please make an effort to complete this form, too, (click here) to the best of your ability. These will continue to be anuual reports and are to be submitted to the NAD Youth Department. They will compile the results for the NAD Fall Council and other reporting events. Let's not keep the ministry that happens at camp a secret!

BOARD MEETING TOMORROW (Tuesday, October 10th)

This is just a reminder to all board members that our meeting is scheduled for tomorrow at 2:00 Eastern.