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Below you will find activities that have been added by different camps. You can click on the camp to view the resources that they have added.

Fundraising/Grant Writing

I was looking at the Search Institute web site and noticed this about fund raising and writing a grant proposal.  There are thousands of dollars out there that would be available for your camp if you just ask.

Writing a Grant Proposal

If the granting agency does not require a particular format, consider using this approach:

  1. Executive summary: Clear and concise, outlines the problem, the objectives and the expected outcomes, project activities and the audience to be addressed
  2. Organization information: mission, history, structure, other funders/partners, nonprofit status
  3. Statement of need: Keep this focused on the need for the proposed project
  4. Project description: State objectives in measurable outcomes
  5. Key staff dedicated to the project short biographies
  6. Budget
  7. Conclusion (includes the "ask")
  8. Always include a cover letter
  • Have someone unfamiliar with your project read the proposal and give feedback
  • Try The Foundation Center's web site (www.fdncenter.org) for information on free proposal writing seminars

Web Sites with Information on Grant Opportunities

Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Web Sites

Sell Products

There are many companies that help non-profit organizations sell products for fundraising. There are some creative non-commercial ideas at the following page that could be a lot of fun while still being a profitable fundraiser.

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Email: si@search-institute.org

Free, Online Photoshop

Editing pictures is easier than ever in the wake of Adobe Systems releasing a free, web-based version of Photoshop called Photoshop Express. As it is web-based, Photoshop Express will work on any type of computer as long as one is connected to the Internet. Not only do users receive space to edit their photos, but they also can make their own photo-sharing sites, hosted by Adobe. Members can also post their photos directly to their favorite websites such as Facebook.com or a personal blog. 

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Make Fundraising Banquets Profitable

Learn how to have a successful fund-raising banquet that brings in dollars for your nonprofit camp or conference during a seminar by the Mission Increase Foundation. Participants in "Fundraising Banquets: It's Time for a Change" will gather step-by-step tips for hosting effective events without a large staff or event budget. The session will address creating the program, sharing the workload, tracking registrations, and more. The workshop will be held in or near several major cities: Portland, Oregon (April 7), Seattle (April 9), Denver (April 17), Los Angeles (April 22), San Francisco (April 24), and Phoenix (April 28). The cost is $59; groups of three or more receive a 20 percent discount. 

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