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Coronavirus / Covid-19 Resources




Here are resources for you to consider when it comes to the Corona Virus.


NAD AACP Conversation 1 - Summer Camp

NAD AACP Conversation 2 - Year Round Considerations

NAD AACP Conversation 3 - Further Discussion April 13


Fellowship of Christian Camps (Canada) May, 2020

Other Resources

Contingency Plan Framework, from the American Camp Association (ACA) - Items to consider when formulating your contingency plans.
Union roundtable discussion -  Outline for roundtable
Best Practices for Keeping Your Online / Virtual Programming Safe for Campers,  Blog Post from ACA - Best Practices For online Programming
Communicable Disease Management in the Camp Setting - from www.CampNurse.org
Cleaning and disinfection for community facilities - CDC Recommendations
Education & Resource page (Covid-19) at www.campnurse.org
covid-19 resource center for camps - ACA website
COVID-19 and Coronavirus Resources - Adventist Risk Management (Extra resources at bottom of page)  (added 4/13)
Finding Direction, A CAMPER FAMILY SURVEY TO GUIDE CHRISTIAN CAMPS IN THE MIDST OF COVID-19 - Sacred Playgrounds & Tic Tac Toe Marketing joint project  (Added 4/17)
Union Roundtable Discussion Format - Our Next Conversation (#4)  (Added 4/22)
NAD Camps Summer Plans First Edition - Which camps are open / closed.  (Added 5/14 and will be changing as time moves on)
CDC Camp Decision Tree - Guidance from CDC on whether your camp is ready to operate. (Added 5/14)
Printable Hand Washing Sign - add your logo to the bottom and you are ready to print!  (Added 6/9)
Updated Suggestions for Youth and Summer Camps (CDC) - Updated June 9 (Added June 11)