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North American Division Camp Committee (NADCC)

Statement of Mission

The North American Division Camp Committee (NADCC) provides an intentional Christian environment committed to strengthening each camper's relationship with God and all His creation through scripture, nature, and recreation.


The North American Division Camp Committee (NADCC) believes that in a camp setting, the study of the Bible and Nature, in the context of wholesome social relationships and recreation, will place campers and guests in a Christ-centered environment which promotes physical, mental, and spiritual development.


  1. To be an integral part of the mission and life of the Church.
  2. To be a servant of the Gospel in outreach and to be a resource to the community.
  3. To provide programming that focuses on God's creative and redemptive love.
  4. To recruit and train qualified staff for the camp operation and program.
  5. To develop in campers a sense of responsibility for the environment.
  6. To maintain a safe, functional, environmentally-sensitive, and accredited faculty.
  7. To encourage networking to enable camps to share resources and information.
  8. To provide meeting facilities for conference departmental training seminars and conventions for lay leaders in the local church.
  9. To encourage each camp to receive American Camping Association (ACA) accredidation.