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Below you will find activities that have been added by different camps. You can click on the camp to view the resources that they have added.

Leoni Meadows







Basic Archery Instruction

NADA, training and certifying over, 7,000 new instructers each year. Contact http://worldarcherycentre.org. Plan a archery course at your camp and invite sister camps to participate and help subsidize the course. 

Disc Golf

Have you considered installing a Disc Golf course on your site. Disc golf has proven to be a "fan" favorite at many camps. Check out this web link which might get you started: https://www.pdga.com/

I think you may find that is builds a network of players and user groups you might not otherwise reach. One camp director said this "it has been my  that disc golfers and ultimate players are among the most respectful weekend warriors around (they call their own fouls, it doesn't get much more of an honor system that that-in the interest of full disclosure I did play Ultimate in college and had a great time."

Group Initiative/Team Building

Subscribe to Michelle Cummings newsletter. Her web site is https://training-wheels.com/. Michelle comes with a lot of experience and background in training and team buildings activities that can be used for camp staff and campers. 

Paintball Program Training

If you are considering a paintball program or would like to take your existing paintball program to the next level, consider the Christian Paintball Symposium at Pleasant Vineyard Ministries (PVM) April 10–12 in Camden, Ohio. PVM, the first camp in the United States to offer paintball as a weeklong camp program, has nearly 15 years of paintball experience. Workshop participants will learn how to start a program from the ground up, and how to utilize paintball as an evangelistic outreach. The sessions will address refereeing rules and regulations, safety precautions, paintball tactical strategies, scenario games, night games, paintball devotionals, speedball setup and tournaments, woodsball field setup and development, and hands-on training for running an all-day scenario woodsball tournament. The event will also address how to answer the question: "How can you be a Christian and play paintball?" Each participant will receive a paintball manual that will equip him or her for running a Christ-centered paintball program that can draw in thousands of kids and adults. The cost of the symposium, which includes all meals, lodging, manual, and personalized instruction, is $420 for the first registrant and $210 for the second registrant from any one organization. For more information or to register, contact David Maynard at (937) 452-3347.