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ACA - Working Toward a Healthier Camp

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Web-based Courses on Camp Health and Safety Through ACA Web Site

Web-Based Courses on Camp Health and Safety Coming in May to ACA's e-Institute

The American Camp Association will soon release a series of Web-based health and safety courses. Available mid-May 2008, through ACA's e-Institute, these courses are designed to teach camp directors and staff specific strategies for reducing camp illness and injuries. These courses make an excellent addition to camp staff orientation and training. Courses can be purchased individually or in a package. Courses are free to camps participating in the Healthy Camp Study. The following courses will be available:

Reducing the Spread of Communicable Diseases in Camp: Why We Should Do It In Our Sleeves

Did you know that campers are twice as likely to become ill at camp as they are to get injured? You owe it to your campers and staff to stop the spread of germs! This course teaches camp professionals how to reduce the spread of communicable diseases like the common cold. In the end, you'll have a healthier camp community. Specific activities that camp directors can include in staff orientation and training are included in the course.

Footloose:  Minimizing Slips and Falls at Camp

When you think about injury prevention, do you think about the terrain at your camp and the types of shoes your campers and staff are wearing? If not, then you should think again. Educating your campers and staff about appropriate footwear, supported by policies and procedures, is an important way that you can reduce slips and falls at your camp while also minimizing the likelihood of foot, ankle, and toe injuries. This course teaches camp directors and staff about choosing proper footwear for camp activities—a must for all camps.

Knife Safety:  Reducing Sharp Object Injuries at Camp

One of the most common causes of staff injuries in camps is self-inflicted knife injuries to the hand or finger. But knives and other sharp objects are a part of camp, with important uses in food service, arts and crafts, camp maintenance, and other areas.  This course is designed to teach camp staff how to properly use and store knives to reduce the likelihood of a hand or finger injury. Want to reduce “lost-time” incidents in your camp, then this course can help.

Other Web courses available through ACA's E-Institute include Designing Quality Youth Programs and Camp Is For the Camper. For a course catalog, visit: www.ACAcamps.org/einstitute/.