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AACP Officers, Board Members & Committees

AACP Officers

Serving through 2024 (unless otherwise noted)

President Carmen Ibañez, Pine Springs Ranch
Secretary/Treasurer Tracy Wood, NAD Camp Ministries
President Elect Ray Queen, Camp Blue Ridge
Past President & Parliamentarian Craig Heinrich, Leoni Meadows
VP Communications Theresa Stride, Camp Kulaqua
E-News Editor (Recording Secretary) Terry Bolton, Leoni Meadows
VP Conventions (serving through 2025) Denison Sager, Camp Heritage
VP Conventions-elect (2025–2027) To be Elected 2024
Continuing Education Director David Yeagley, Sunset Lake Camp


AACP Board

Members at Large: AACP Officers

Union Representatives
Elected at our convention, ODD Years Elected at our convention, EVEN Years
Tanny Allison, Camp Winnekeag (Atlantic Union) Elias Esquivel, Camp Mohaven (Columbia Union)
Jade Teal, Glacier View Camp (Mid-America Union) Stacey DePluzer, Camp Akita (Lake Union)
 Caleb Foss, Camp MiVoden (North Pacific Union) Randy Maddox, Camp Waianae (Pacific Union)
Nicholas Ewing, Nosoca Pines Ranch (Southern Union) Eric Bray, Camp Yorktown Bay (Southwestern Union)
Oscar Halvorsen, Camp Whitesand (SDA Church in Canada)  


Union Youth Directors
Atlantic David McKenzie
Columbia Frank Bondurant
Lake Ron Whitehead
Mid-America Tyrone Douglas
North Pacific Rob Lang
Pacific Randy Hill
SDA Church in Canada Kevin Kiers
Southern Greg Taylor
Southwestern Helvis Moody