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AACP Officers, Board Members & Committees


Voted by NAD, February, 2017 - Serving through 2020


Chairperson Wendy Eberhardt NAD Ministries VP
Vice-Chairperson, Recording Secretary Bill Wood NAD Camp Ministries Assistant
Secretary Tracy Wood NAD Camp Ministries Director


NAD Camp Committee Members 

Serving through 2020 (five year term)

Roger Wade Youth Director, Mid-America Union
Wendy Eberhardt Director, Camp Yavapines, Arizona Conference
Mike Edge President, Wisconsin Conference
David Fournier Adventist Risk Management Representative
Patrick Graham BAYDA Representative
Craig Heinrich Director, Leoni Meadows, Northern California Conference
Eddie Heinrich Pacific Union Representative
Andrew Henderson Ranger, Camp Winnekeag, Southern New England Conference
Debbie Henderson Food Service / Housekeeping Director, Camp Akita, Illinois Conference
Roger Henderson Manager, Camp Akita, Illinois Conference
Carmen Ibañez Director, Pine Springs Ranch, Southeastern California Conference
Greg Taylor Director, Indian Creek Camp, Kentucky-Tennessee Conference
Jeff Wines AACP President, Director, Camp MiVoden, Upper Columbia Conference
Rob Lang Youth Director, North Pacific Union
Helvis Moody Youth Director, Southwestern Union
David McKenzie Youth Director, Atlantic Union
Hector Perez Camp Manager, Lake Whitney Ranch, Texas Conference
Ken Rogers Youth Director, Southern Union
Denison Sager Director, Camp Heritage, Iowa-Missouri Conference

Doug Brown

Monty Murdoch

Southern Adventist University Outdoor Education
Diane Thurber President, Christian Record Services
Brian Wahl Camp Director, Mountain View, British Columbia Conference
Ron Whitehead Youth Director, Lake Union
David Yeagley Camp Director, Sunset Lake, Washington Conference
Phil Younts Administrative Director, Camp Kulaqua, Florida Conference


AACP Officers

Serving through 2022 (unless otherwise noted)

President Craig Heinrich, Leoni Meadows
Secretary/Treasurer Tracy Wood, NAD Camp Ministries
President Elect Carmen Ibañez, Pine Springs Ranch
Past President & Parliamentarian Jeff Wines, Camp MiVoden
VP Communications Theresa Stride, Camp Kulaqua
E-News Editor (Recording Secretary) Terry Bolton, Leoni Meadows
VP Conventions (serving through 2023)

Denison Sager, Camp Heritage

VP Conventions-elect (2023 - 2025) To be voted at 2022 Convention 

NAD Camp Ministries Assistant

Bill Wood


AACP Board

Members at Large: AACP Officers

Union Representatives
Elected at our convention, ODD YEARS Elected at our convention, EVEN YEARS
Trevor Schlisner, Camp Lawroweld (Atlantic Union) Elias Esquivel, Camp Mohaven  (Columbia Union)
Dan Hansen, Glacier View Ranch  (Mid-America Union) Stacey DePluzer, Camp Akita (Lake Union)
Ross VonPohle, Big Lake Youth Camp (North Pacific Union) Pacific Union, TBD
Jonathan Montes, Cohutta Springs Summer Camp  (Southern Union) Sam Hutchinson, Wewoka Woods (Southwestern Union)
Kay Graca, Camp Pugwash  (SDA Church in Canada)  
Union Youth Directors
Atlantic David McKenzie
Columbia Frank Bondurant
Lake Ron Whitehead
Mid-America Tyrone Douglas
North Pacific Rob Lang
Pacific Eddie Heinrich
SDA Church in Canada Brian Wahl
Southern Ken Rogers
Southwestern Helvis Moody


Camp Mentors

Food Service

Darlene White

Debbie Henderson

Paulette Bair

Shelly Ward

Linda Bray


Camp Manager

Bill Wood

Phil Younts

Craig Heinrich

Rick Faber

Roger Henderson

Dan Hanson

Bruce Christensen

John Loor

Summer Camp Director

Bill Wood

Dan Whitlow

Dave Yeagley

Craig Heinrich

Rob Lang

Eddie Heinrich

Rick Faber

Ray Queen

John Loor

Greg Taylor


Herb White

Mike Hopkins

Roger Henderson

Todd Ward

Eric Bray

standing committees

Nominating Committee

By a voted change to the AACP Constitution at the 2019 Convention, the Union Representatives serve as the Nominating Committee.

Constitution & Bylaws Committee

Serving 2021 calendar year

Carmen Ibanez President-Elect, Committee Chair

Todd Casey

Wendy Eberhardt

Roger Bernard




Terry Bolton Member
Denison Sager Member



NAD Camp Director (chair) - Tracy Wood
AACP President
VP for Conventions
One Union Representative - Dan Hansen


AACP President (chair) - David Yeagley
Dan & Julia Hansen (serving through 2018)
Wendy Eberhardt (serving through 2018)
Helen Faber (serving through 2018)
Esther Lorensen (serving through 2018)


VP for Communications (chair) - Theresa Stride
E-News Editor - Terry Bolton
TO BE DETERMINED (serving through 2019)
Brian Wahl (serving through 2018)