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Constitution & ByLaws


Our current Constitution and Bylaws was voted at business session 11.30.2017.


The official name of this organization shall be the Association of Adventist Camp Professionals. It is identified as "AACP" in the following articles.



“To equip and support camp ministry professionals as they advance the kingdom of God”


“Our mission will be fulfilled when we see members equipped, stake holders informed and supportive, and guests engaged and experiencing Jesus.”


  1. Biblically-based – God’s Word is the foundation upon which our ministry is built.
  2. Christ Likeness – Jesus is our model as we serve the needs of our members.
  3. Experiencing God in Nature – The study of God as revealed in His creation lies at the heart of Christian camping.
  4. Excellence – We believe that God desires us to encourage excellence in our members.
  5. Community – By intentional connections, we grow through worship, fellowship, sharing, professional practices and prayer.
  6. Diversity – The unique perspective of each member makes us a stronger community.


The goals of the AACP are:

  1. To encourage high professional practices in all facets of camp ministry, operation and service,
  2. To effectively communicate the value of camp ministry to stakeholders,
  3. To afford opportunity for every member to be a positive influence in the collective voice of Seventh-day Adventist Camp Professionals in North America, and
  4. To provide quality education, appropriate training and useful resources to AACP camp members.


Section A. CAMP MEMBERS shall be actively involved or employed in Seventh-day Adventist camp ministries and are included in the camp membership dues. These dues are voted at the regular business session and are based on a percentage of the camp’s total (gross) yearly expenses.

Section B. INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS are those not associated with a member camp, but who support the vision and mission of AACP. Dues will be set by a vote at the regular business session.

Section C. RECOGNIZED AACP CHAPTER (CLUB) MEMBERS belong to collegiate campus organizations that share and create Seventh-day Adventist camp ministry goals and philosophies as endorsed by the AACP board and are included in the AACP chapter (club) membership dues, which are set by a vote of the board of directors.

Section D. BUSINESS MEMBERS are those who have camp-related products or services who wish to connect with the AACP members and support the vision and mission of AACP. Dues will be set by a vote of the Board of Directors.

Section E. EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS shall include the NAD Camp Ministries Director or his designee, and the NAD Camp Ministries Coordinator. Dues are not required.

Section F. HONORARY MEMBERS are those who have had a significant impact on Seventh-day Adventist camp ministries in North America. These are nominated and approved by the AACP board. Dues are not required.


Section A. REGULAR BUSINESS SESSION - AACP shall have a regular business session once each year at the convention. Written and/or email notice shall be given to the members at least 30 days prior to the date of any such session.

Section B. SPECIAL BUSINESS SESSIONS - The AACP Board may authorize, at such time and place and method as it deems necessary, special business sessions. Written and/or email notice shall be given to the members at least 30 days prior to the date of any such session.

Section C. AGENDA ITEMS - All business actions to be considered for a business session shall be received by the AACP President at least 60 days prior to the session date for consideration by the AACP board. Preliminary agendas will be published at least thirty days prior to the business session.

Section D. PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURES - The business session shall generally follow the GC Rules of Order. 

Section E. QUORUM - A quorum will be the members present whether physically, for a physical meeting, or electronically, for an electronic meeting, at a duly-called business session.

Section F. VOTING MEMBERS - All members of the AACP have equal voting rights of one vote per member except that each Chapter (club) has up to three votes each per their caucus with one vote per person in attendance at the convention with a maximum of three votes per Chapter (club). In case more than three members are in attendance, that caucus will determine who votes.

Section G. SIMPLE MAJORITY - Items voted on during a business session will be decided by a simple majority unless otherwise stipulated by this document.


Section A. GOVERNING BODY - The AACP Board shall serve as the governing body of the AACP. As such, it shall exercise general administration over all matters pertaining to the Association.

Section B. MEMBERS - The membership of the AACP Board shall consist of the President, Executive Secretary/Treasurer, Vice President for Communication, E-News Editor, Vice President for Conventions, immediate past President, President-elect, one representative from each union, NAD Camp Ministries Coordinator, Union Youth Directors and President of each AACP Chapter (Club). 

Section C. REGULAR BOARD MEETINGS - Regular meetings of the AACP Board shall be held at least twice a year for the purpose of reviewing the affairs of the Association and transacting such other business as may properly be brought before it. Telephone conference calls or other mutually-agreed electronic means are also an accepted form of board meeting. Board meetings shall tentatively be set and confirmed by the board no later than the end of January for the entire calendar year. Any subsequent changes must be agreed upon by those present at any given board meeting and be communicated to the board within two days.

Section D. AGENDA - All agenda items to be considered shall be approved by a majority vote at the beginning of the board meeting. Any additional items must be approved by the board at this time.

Section E. PARLIAMENTARY  PROCEDURES - The board shall generally follow the GC Rules of Order.

Section F. QUORUM - A quorum will be the members present whether physically, for a physical meeting, or electronically, for an electronic meeting, at a duly-called board meeting.

Section G. INVITEES - The board may invite individuals as non-voting members to serve up to one year whose input would be a valuable resource toward furthering the mission of AACP and in fulfilling AACP’s goals as an association.

Section H. VOTING – SIMPLE MAJORITY - Decisions will be determined by a simple majority.

Section I. MINUTES - Minutes shall be provided to all board members within two weeks of a board meeting and shall be posted on the AACP website once they have been approved.


Section A. PRESIDENT - The President shall assume office after serving as President-Elect, then serve two years as President, and then serve two years as Past President. The President shall chair the meetings of the Board and the AACP business sessions, as well as serve as the leading officer of the Association. If the President is not available, the immediate Past President may chair the meeting.  If neither are available, the Executive Secretary/Treasurer may chair the meeting. The President may call a special board meeting at any time that is deemed necessary with at least two days notice. (See ‘Special Board Meetings’). The President also serves as a member of the NAD Camp Committee.

Section B. PAST PRESIDENT - The immediate Past President shall serve as a member of the Board for two years and shall fulfill duties as assigned.

Section C. PRESIDENT-ELECT - The President-Elect shall assume office of the President after serving two years, and will chair the Constitution & Bylaws Committee, serve as Parliamentarian and fulfill other duties as assigned.

Section D. EXECUTIVE SECRETARY/TREASURER - The Executive Secretary/Treasurer shall be the current NAD Camp Ministries Director. The Executive Secretary/Treasurer/his/her designee is responsible for the financial records, minutes, funds and membership records of the Association, and serves as the primary liaison between the AACP and the NAD Camp Committee, and is the chair of the Nominating Committee and oversees the administering of the election process.

Section E. VICE-PRESIDENT FOR CONVENTIONS - The Vice President for Conventions shall be  elected by the members at a regular business session and serve for three years, of which the last year is to assist the newly elected VP for Conventions.

Section F. VICE-PRESIDENT FOR COMMUNICATIONS - The Vice President for Communications shall serve for two years and shall oversee the association’s communications from and on behalf of AACP, as well as chairing the Communications Committee.

Section G. E-NEWS EDITOR - The E-News Editor shall serve for two years and publish the camp newsletter called the E-News and collect and maintain an accurate database for distribution.

Section H. UNION REPRESENTATIVES - The union representatives shall serve as members for two years and shall work at the pleasure of the board. They are to be a liaison between their local union camps and the AACP board.

Section I. AACP CHAPTER (CLUB) PRESIDENTS - The AACP Chapter (Club) Presidents shall serve for a term of one year and shall accept duties as assigned by the board.  They shall communicate information back to their chapter. Local chapters shall determine their own duties based on their specific constitution and bylaws.

Section J. NAD CAMP COORDINATOR - The NAD Camp Coordinator shall serve at the pleasure of the NAD Camp Director and specifically serve as the Mentor Committee Chair and fulfill other duties as assigned by the board.

Section K. UNION YOUTH DIRECTORS - These shall serve at the pleasure of the board and support camp ministries within their local union through training, finance, nurture, and encouragement.

Section L. PARLIAMENTARIAN - The parliamentarian shall be the President-elect and serve for one year two years. and their The duties shall include:

  1. Provides AACP members and the AACP board with training on simple parliamentary procedures as needed (how to state a motion, rules of debate, quorums, etc. Generally based on GC rules of order),
  2. Maintains a copy of the constitution and bylaws at all business and board meetings,
  3. Keeps track of the order of those wishing to speak, motions, amendments, voting, etc., and 
  4. Assists with the election and voting procedures.




a. The nominating committee shall be selected every odd year during that year’s AACP convention.b. This committee will consist of a representative from each union selected by their union caucus, while the AACP Chapters (Clubs) shall form a single caucus to elect a representative to the nominating committee.
c. The nominating committee shall meet as necessary in order to present two names for each office no later than October 31st of the following year.
d. The nominating committee will meet primarily by phone conference and utilize technology as necessary for secret ballot voting.
e. The Executive Secretary/Treasurer or his/her designee shall call the meetings and serve as the chairperson of the nominating committee.

Section 2. POSITIONS TO FILL - The Nominating Committee will provide a minimum of two names for each of the following positions: President (elect), Vice-President for Communications, and Vice-President for Conventions.

Section 3. CANDIDATES - No AACP member shall be submitted as a candidate unless the nominating committee has verified with them their willingness to have their name placed before the membership. Candidates shall be full time employees of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Section 4. CANDIDATE INFORMATION - Prior to voting, a brief biography of each candidate shall be provided to the members by the chairperson or his/her designee of the nominating committee.

Section 5. ELECTION VOTING - The actual election shall be overseen by the Executive Secretary/Treasurer or his designee. Elections will be by secret ballot. The nominating committee shall oversee the counting of the ballots and submit a final report to the general session. The new officers shall be presented upon the official announcement of the ballot results.

Section 6. ASSUMPTION OF OFFICE - Elected officers shall assume their office on January 1 following their election.

Section 7. UNION REPRESENTATIVES - Union representatives shall be selected by union caucus at each business session on a staggered-year basis. The following unions shall elect a representative every even year: Columbia, Southwestern, Lake, and Pacific. The following unions shall elect a representative every odd year: Atlantic, Canadian, Mid-America, North Pacific, and Southern.

Section 8. E-NEWS EDITOR - The E-News Editor shall be appointed (or re-appointed) by the  AACP board every  even year and ratified by the body in a regular business session.

Section 9. BOARD VACANCIES - Vacancies shall be filled as follows:

a. AACP PRESIDENT - In the event that the President is unable to complete the term of service, the immediate past president will fill the position to complete the term. If for some reason the immediate past president is unavailable or unable to do so, then the president-elect shall complete the term. In the event that the President-elect is unable to serve, the AACP Board will select an Interim President who will serve as President until the next regularly scheduled election. The AACP Board will appoint this person with a 2/3 majority vote.

b. AACP VICE-PRESIDENTS - In the event of a vacancy the AACP Board shall appoint an individual to fill those responsibilities with at least a two-thirds majority vote.

c. UNION REPRESENTATIVES - Should a union representative be unable to complete his/her term the AACP President, upon consultation with the Union Youth Director/Coordinator will bring to the AACP Board one or more names of qualified individuals to complete the calendar year of service. There must be at least a two-thirds majority vote by the board for approval. At the following AACP convention the Union will caucus to select their representative.

d. E-NEWS EDITOR - Should a vacancy occur, the AACP board shall appoint an individual to fill this role to the next AACP business session whereupon a name shall be submitted to the members at large for ratification.

Section 10. REMOVAL FROM BOARD - A member of the board may be removed by two-thirds vote of the board.  The Executive Secretary/Treasurer will call and chair this meeting.


Section 1. FISCAL AUTHORITY AND REPORTS - All financial matters shall be the responsibility of the Executive Secretary/Treasurer. A current financial report shall be made available at each board meeting and business session.

Section 2. FINANCIAL DECISIONS - New publications, major meetings, and other significant expenditures will be voted by the members in business session. The board may make routine financial decisions.

Section 3. BALANCED BUDGET - The board shall present a balanced budget to the members for consideration and vote at the annual business session. The membership may vote revisions as they deem necessary.


The constitution and bylaws may be amended and/or revised at any regular or special business session by a two-thirds vote of the delegates present and voting. However, the members of the Association must be advised in the notice of such a meeting of the proposed amendments and/or revisions. The revisions and recommendations shall be posted on the AACP website. A link to this site will be sent to the membership at least 30 days prior to the called meeting. Requests for hard copy must be made to the Constitution and Bylaws Committee Chair at least 21 days in advance of the business session.