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Job Opening - 5/8/17

May 8, 2017


Camp Winnekeag is looking for an Assistant Camp Ranger. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please pass this information along. Below are all of the pertinent details. The camp would be grateful if you would keep this search in your prayers. Thank you!!

Position: Assistant Camp Ranger

Description of Duties: To assist camp Manager/ Ranger in keeping the camp safe, looking its best, and meeting the needs of groups that use the camp year-round.

Qualifications Required: Must be 21 or older; must have a positive attitude; must be able to work with diverse people in a positive way; Call for full Job Description

Notice: All hires will have their criminal and sex offender records checked through a nationally recognized entity. Those who do not have a clear record are not allowed to work or associate with staff, guests, or campers under the age of 18 and may be terminated.

Salary: Salaried + Full Health benefits (per SNEC policy)

Contact: Jose Alarcon, SNEC Secretary/HR Director
Ph. 978-365-4551
E-mail: jalarcon@sneconline.org
Fax: 978-365-3838

Instructions: Send résumé to: Southern New England Conference of SDA, Attn. Job Request, P.O. Box 1169 South Lancaster, MA. 01430

We are an Affirmative Action/ Equal Opportunity Employer

Assistant Ranger

The Aim and Purpose for Camp Winnekeag:

To provide a safe, distraction free facility and environment where young and old can be influenced by the Holy Spirit.

Required Qualifications:

  1. Must be a member of the Seventh-day Adventist church
  2. Must be 21 or older
  3. Must have a desire to work in a camp setting that encourages others to develop a closer walk with Jesus
  4. Must pass CORI and SORI screening before being allowed to be alone with anyone under the age of 18
  5. Must have a positive attitude
  6. Must be fully supportive of the aims and purpose of Camp Winnekeag
  7. Must possess ability to work well with others and oversee a work crew from time to time
  8. Must have good people skills that reflect the in-dwelling spirit of Jesus
  9. Must be eligible to work in the United States (have current working papers if not a US citizen)
  10. Must be in good health
  11. Must be able to lift up to 75 lbs
  12. Must be self-motivated
  13. Must possess good leadership skills
  14. Must be able to work under pressure
  15. Must be able to work a minimum of 40 hours per week (more if emergency occurs)
  16. Must be able to establish weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance schedules 
  17. Must be able to work alternate weekends and some holidays as the camp host
  18. Must have a current drivers license
  19. Must have had a physical in the past 24 months and a record of immunizations

 Desired skills or Qualifications:

  1. Skills in general building construction and maintenance
  2. Skills in grounds maintenance
  3. Skills in general vehicle maintenance
  4. Skills in general electrical
  5. Skills in general plumbing
  6. CDL
  7. Current First Aid and CPR


  1. Is directly responsible to the camp Manager/ Ranger
  2. Keep an inventory of all tools and equipment and be responsible for their care
  3. Demonstrate good work habits
  4. Keep all work areas and equipment clean and safe for use
  5. Receive pre-approval of any camp purchases (unless in an emergency)
  6. Keep restrooms stocked with paper products (TP and hand towels)
  7. Keep restroom air fresheners maintained
  8. Keep soap dispensers maintained
  9. Keep buildings locked when not in use
  10. Maintain records as needed by the camp Manager
  11. Obtain and maintain a current First Aid and CPR certificate (training provided) 
  12. Supervise work crews throughout the year
  13. Keep buildings in good repair (schedule required for routine maintenance)
  14. Keep screens maintained
  15. Keep lawns and shrubs manicured
  16. Keep potted plants maintained
  17. Keep roads, walkways, and porches clear
  18. Keep vehicles maintained and clean
  19. Assist in other camp related activities as needed and or directed by the Manager

 Other desirable skills:

  1. Boater safety certificate
  2. Lifeguard certificate
  3. Challenge course certificate
  4. Archery certificate

 Camp Host Duties:

  1. Check groups in

    • Provide lodge key to leader if they are using the lodge

    • Provide radio for communication (demonstrate how to use it)

    • Provide billing worksheet to leader

    • Provide group cleaning sheet to leader

    • Establish and follow through with any needs of the group

  2. Take care of emergencies

  3. Check on group regularly (minimum of two times per day)

  4. Keep food service abreast of meeting over-runs so that they can adjust meal preparation time

  5. Check groups out

    • Establish departure time

    • Check buildings for cleanliness according to cleaning sheet

    • Check that thermostats are adjusted properly

    • Check that all windows are closed and locked

    • Lock buildings as group vacates each building

    • Return any used equipment to its proper place


  1. Full health plan (per SNEC policy)
  2. Will be able to eat at the café when meals are being served at no charge
  3. Will be able to use leftovers from the café as available and directed by the Food Service Director
  4. Parsonage on camp property (Monthly rent required)
  5. Paid bimonthly