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Major Flooding at Camp Kulaqua - But Ministry Still Goes On! - 9/20/17

September 20, 2017


Theresa Stride, the summer camp registrar for Camp Kulaqua shared the following information this morning:

"Yes crazy flooding! We are all safe and sound - praise the Lord!" 

"During the storm that moved over us the night of September 10, 2017, we were able to provide shelter & food to 187 hurricane refugees, 20 dogs, 10 cats and 2 chickens."

Sheltering in the Gymnasium

"Now that hurricane Irma has passed, it has affected many with its flurry.  The catastrophic damages to Florida are immeasurable at this point, and we at Camp Kulaqua are no exception."

Picnic Area nearly under water

"Even after the storm has passed, we were affected by the rising flood water levels from the Santa Fe River and near springs. The water rose about 20’ above the normal levels, causing the Hornsby Springs to overflow into our camp."

Water floods roads, lawns and trails

"Many of our buildings are under water, roads are flooded, and some zoo animals evacuated. As of now, five of our buildings are now flooded including Stillwater’s Lodge and more are in danger as the spring rises. Our staff is working diligently to ensure the preservation and safety of our camp."

Flooding of outdoor shelter and nearing lodge

“We are thankful to be open for MINISTRY” and our prayer is that as guests come to camp they can continue to see God’s hand at work here. Please pray for camp to have a short recovery process as we move forward."

Let's continue to keep Camp Kulaqua and victims of the flooding and hurricane in our prayers.