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June 2017 E-News

June 1, 2017

Our Mission Statement

"To equip and support camp ministry professionals as they advance the kingdom of God"

Our Core Values

  1. Bible-based
  2. Community
  3. Excellence
  4. Christ-likeness
  5. Diversity
  6. Experiencing God in Nature


Hello SDA Camp Professionals…Recently a subcommittee met to make recommendations on what is to be reported on the Summers End Camp Ministries Report. I have attached the recommended procedures which we will follow this year. I’d like to encourage the Union Representatives of both AACP and NAD to please make this information available to the camp directors in your union. Also, it would be great if each Union Youth Director could do the same. In this way we will make sure everyone gets the message.

On a side-note, I am at Camp Alamisco (my former camp) speaking to the staff this weekend. In another three weeks I will come back to cover for Todd Casey who has to take a couple of classes at Southern. Yes, I am excited to be back at my former camp!

God bless every one of our camp directors this summer that we will have a safe, prosperous, and Jesus filled camp program. Bill Wood NAD Camp Ministries Coordinator 



Congratulations to those unions who have 100% AACP membership within their union:

  • Atlantic Union
  • Canadian Union (except Woody Acres)
  • Columbia Union
  • Lake Union (Camp Wagner membership coming)
  • Mid-America (except Camp High Point)
  • North Pacific Union
  • Pacific Union (Camp Cedar Falls membership coming)
  • Southern Union (Cohutta Springs Convention Center membership coming)
  • Southwestern Union


What are some of the special values by being a member of the Association of Adventist Camp Professionals (AACP)? ANSWER. Your membership in the AACP will greatly benefit your camp ministry. You will be provided with the resources and benefits that will equip you for the task of camp leadership in its many and varied facets. Here are some of those benefits:

  1. AACP Membership Certificate - It is important for you to belong to an organization that is greater than yourself. It tells the camp constituency that you are qualified and responsible for your camp ministry.

  2. AACP E-News - The E-News is published monthly and sent directly to the registered camp employees. It is sent to you by e-mail the first of every month. 

  3. AACP Convention Discount - A membership camp receives a 50% registration discount for each employee attending the annual convention.

  4. Convention Business Meeting - A vote at the annual AACP business session. 

  5. NAD Camp Directory - A free copy of the NAD Camp Directory is e-mailed to you at your request. The Camp Directory contains the AACP organization policies, a list of all NAD camps and much more. 

  6. AACP Logo - A corporate use of the AACP logo.

  7. AACP Web Site - The AACP membership camp has the freedom to use the AACP web site. 

Being a member of the 2017 AACP will provide confidence, motivation and excellence to the camp director, manager and employees working at a conference camp facility. Thank you for your support. - Norm Middag, AACP Resource Coordinator


Looking for a great Powerpoint presentation for Child Protection or Camp Safety Training for your summer camp staff? You can find these at this link: Summer Camp Safety

These PowerPoint presentations were created for Big Lake for the 2016 season, but are generic enough to be used by any camp.


The updated AACP Directory is now available! If you would like a copy (it will come to you as an email attachment), email Norm Middag with your request (bnmiddag@gmail.com ).


As a child, I was never afraid of thunder and lightning. I counted the seconds between the thunder boom and lightning flash to estimate how close the storm was to my house. Today as an adult, I realize being caught outside in a thunderstorm is never safe or fun. Close to 40 people were killed in the US by lightning strikes during 2016, according to the National Weather Service. Keep yourself and campers safe by thinking SPLAT when lightning strikes.
STAY AWARE – by checking the weather forecast often. Thunderstorms often develop in the early afternoon so plan outdoor activities early in the day.
PROTECT – your camp’s equipment by using surge protectors. Unplug nonessential items during severe storms.
LISTEN – for thunder, which is a clear warning that lightning may follow. Remember: “when thunder roars, go indoors.”
AVOID –trees, high ground or standing in or near water. Lightning is prone to strike tall objects and water is a natural conductor for electricity.
TAKE SHELTER - in a nearby building.  If you are outside, find shelter in a low terrain or ravine.
Safely watch Mother Nature’s lightshow from indoors. Learn more about storm safety at AdventistRisk.org.  - Frenita B. Fullwood, Manager-Communications & Resources, Adventist Risk Management, Inc., ffullwood@adventistrisk.org | AdventistRisk.org


At the May 9th board meeting the following items were shared, discussed and/or voted:

  1. Report from NAD Camp Committee – The NAD Camp Committee discussed the possibility of expanding AACP to become an international association. They have appointed a taskforce to consider this option.
  2. Convention Updates – Dennison has been working on lining up the track directors. If you are interested in presenting a class or seminar, contact Dennison (dsager@imsda.org ) or Ray (rayq@campkulaqua.com)
  3. Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 11th


Get to know what disasters occur in your area, and be prepared with a plan. Learn how to stock an emergency preparedness kit and what you should include in it. Keep up with weather updates and get information about emergency preparedness right on your phone by downloading the free Red Cross Emergency app from the Apple Store or Google Play.   For more information, see  www.redcrosschat.org/2017/05/04/5


We all need to let our guests know what to do in case of emergencies. Some camps have gone the extra mile:

  • Created a short video clip to share with their guests at the beginning of their stay
  • Put their emergency procedures and contact information on a downloadable link on their website.
  • For those staying more than just a weekend, they have encouraged their guest groups to have emergency drills. 


Though some might think it a bit trite, recognition is a huge deal in the eyes of young people. One camp uses a ‘Paper Plate Award’ to recognize campers throughout the week for special accomplishments, acts of kindness, and ‘stepping up to the plate’. They decorate the paper plate appropriately for the award, put the camper’s name on it and then present it at an appropriate time.



Gary Blanchard has accepted the call to serve as the General Conference Youth Director. He previously served as the Texas Conference Youth director for the past five years. Pastor Gary and his wife Erica have three young adult children (Gary, Ben and Sierra).  Erica is from Northern California and Gary is from Maine. Pastor Gary has served as a Bible teacher, chaplain, youth pastor, district pastor and most recently as the Texas Conference Youth Director. His motto is “making ministers for the Master.”



After 17 years of service, James Black announced that he will be leaving the NAD Youth Director position. He writes, “For the thousands who have been part of my newsletters for the past 18 years, I will continue to communicate with you once my new database is established. I promise to stay connected and to keep you updated with my future plans. For now, my agenda is just to heal and get completely well. No doubt, I feel like a lion in a cage. I am more than ready, but I must be patient and wait on the Lord. Thanks again everyone for your prayers and support. Please promise me that you will take super good care of my children, youth, and young adults. Please love them to death and show them the Jesus I know and the power of His Grace and Mercy!”


  • Clear the clutter! Box up and store for a Sidewalk Sale, Flash Sale or Lemon Sale any discounted or past season items. They are taking up space physically and psychologically from Promoting Spring purchases!
  • Bring in some fresh flowers. Even a simple bouquet creates comments, increases shopping engagement and stimulates sales!
  • Think Up! Hang umbrellas, rain drops, butterflies or something fun from your ceiling or in your window. Better yet-fill a small child's umbrella with fun new products. It's sure to get comments, increase time looking and get retail attention!

Patti Patti Biro and Associates: P.O. Box 2994; Fredericksburg, TX 78624 (760) 712-7385 http://www.pattibiro.com

Summer 2017 NAD Prayer Initiative

Bill Wood has shared this with the NAD Camp Committee and Union Representatives. He wanted to make sure you had it, too. The purpose is to encourage each camp to be praying for one another on a daily basis. Below is a schedule (that Bill is suggesting) of camps that would be prayed for each day of the week (Monday-Thursday). You might have cards made up ahead of time with the name of a single camp along with the director's name. Those cards could then be distributed among your staff at worship. Each staff member (by themselves or as a group) could then pray for that camp then and throughout the day. Prayer can move mountains..and your fellow camps will appreciate being remembered in your prayers as much as you will value theirs!  FIND THIS AT THE END OF THIS E-NEWS.


  • History is not history unless it is the truth. — Abraham Lincoln 
  • I do not know what God’s master plan is, but I know the One who does! — Unknown 
  • The best thing to sleep on is a clear conscience.     — Unknown 
  • A smile is the shortest distance between two people. — Victor Borge 
  • People will never truly understand something until it happens to them. — Unknown 


This is a section dedicated to those camps either looking for equipment or wanting to donate or sell one or more items. Send your list of needs or items you’d like to get to another camp (donating or selling) to terry@leonimeadows.org.



If you have a job opening for year-round staff, let us know and we can post it here. Or if you are having trouble finding someone to fill a particular position in summer camp, that can be posted here too. Contact terry@leonimeadows.org to get it published.


Camp Akita is looking for a part-time food service director for the summer season. For more information contact Roger Henderson (978) 815-3377 rdakhen@aol.com  


Camp Winnekeag is looking for an Assistant Camp Ranger. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please pass this information along. The camp would be grateful if you would keep this search in your prayers. For more information, contact Jose Alarcon   SNEC Secretary/HR Director, Phone 978-365-4551 - E-mail: jalarcon@sneconline.org - Fax: 978-365-3838
Instructions: Send résumé to: Southern New England Conference of SDA, Attn. Job Request, P.O. Box 1169 South Lancaster, MA. 01430


Camp Yavapines in the Arizona Conference is seeking a Food Service Manager for our year- round facility in beautiful Prescott, Arizona. The ideal candidate will have talented culinary skills, be organized, highly motivated, and a proven leader with amazing customer service skills, and who has the ability to provide a pleasing vegetarian dining experience.
This position is directly responsible for the management of all food services provided at Camp Yavapines. Responsibilities would include personnel management, food production management, event planning and execution including financial management of the food service department.
This is a full time hourly position with benefits and is open immediately. For more information please contact Pastor Wendy Eberhardt, Camp Director. Phone: 480.996.6777 ext. 149 email: weberhardt@azconference.org


AACP Convention

Nov. 29 – Dec. 3, 2017

Pine Springs Ranch, Mountain Center, CA

CCCA Convention

December 4-7, 2017

Broadmoor – Colorado Springs, CO

ACA Convention

February 20 - 23, 2018

Disney Coronado Resort - Orlando, FL


The dates for the AACP board meetings via conference calls are posted here once they are finalized. You will also be notified by email and/or phone call prior to the meeting, along with agendas when possible. Meetings begin at 2:00 Eastern Time, unless otherwise specified.

2017 Dates
  • September 12
  • October 10
  • November 14, if needed
  • November 29 - 9:00 – 3:00 before AACP Convention at convention site
  • December 3 - 9:00 to noon after AACP Convention at convention site



1 Portion         Guacamole
1 Slice             Cheese
2 Slices           Bread
1 Spread         Butter/Margarine
1. Take one slice of bread and butter one side.
2. Spread your favorite guacamole on the unbuttered side.
3. Put a piece of cheese on the guacamole.
4. Take the second slice of bread and butter one side.
5. Put the unbuttered side on top of the cheese.
6. Fry in a skillet or grill until bread is golden brown.
You can generally include one more item such as a tomato or onion slice. Be creative and make up your own camp’s specialty!


If you know of a special need or praise that should be lifted up in prayer by your fellow encouragers, please send an email with that request to terry@leonimeadows.org. Be sure to mention if it is URGENT. Special E-messages can be sent out quickly rather than waiting for the next E-News edition to be sent out. We serve a God who listens AND answers.
Each month camps in specific unions are invited to share their special prayer requests and praises (although they can be shared at any time). Here is the list of the E-News Issues and which union is featured that month: 

  • January - Mid-America
  • February - Southern
  • March - Pacific
  • April - Southwestern
  • May - Columbia
  • June - Atlantic
  • September - North Pacific
  • October - SDA Church in Canada
  • November - Lake

1. Broken Arrow Ranch – for their ACA accreditation visit this summer
2. Erik VanDenburgh – continued healing
3. Camp Yavapines – Needing a food service director
4. Nosoca Pines … Ewing Family – for comfort and encouragement
5. James Black – health and transitioning
6. Lone Star Camp…continued work on the new swimming pool and other projects
7. Gary Blanchard – as he takes up role of GC Youth Director

8. Filling the last summer camp staff positions

9. That there will be many decisions for Christ
10. Camp Winnekeag – Assistant Camp Ranger



Why do we not talk of it, pray for it, and preach concerning it? The Lord is more willing to give the Holy Spirit to those who serve Him than parents are to give good gifts to their children. For the daily baptism of the Spirit every worker should offer his petition to God. Companies of Christian workers should gather to ask for special help, for heavenly wisdom, that they may know how to plan and execute wisely. The presence of the Spirit with God's workers will give the proclamation of truth a power that not all the honor or glory of the world could give.

  • The Acts of the Apostles, pp. 50, 51.  

AACP E-NEWS is the regular communication to all of our AACP members. This message is sent to you because you or your camp is a member of AACP. Its purpose is to provide news, announcements, reminders, and ideas on a regular basis. If you have any items you would like to include in E-NEWS, please email them to terry@leonimeadows.org and list the subject as ‘AACP’. Please include your name and camp name in the email and any contact information as appropriate. For email address corrections or additions, or to unsubscribe, please contact Norm Middag at bnmiddag@gmail.com. We do not hold any responsibility/liability for the excerpts/announcements/articles.

Summer 2017 NAD Prayer Initiative

Pray for new Camp Directors or new to their camp.
Pray for safety and security.
Pray for decisions for Christ.
Pray for baptisms.
Pray for good weather.
Pray for the Camp Directors
Pray for the Staff
Pray for…


Southern Union Camps
Camp Alamisco – Todd Casey
Camp Hawthorne – Prince Lewis
Camp Kulaqua – Ray Queen
Camp Thunderbird – Lorenzo Shepard
Cohutta Springs Youth Camp – Rob Lang
Cohutta Springs Conference Center – Gaylin Bowers
Indian Creek Camp – Craig Taylor
Nosoca Pines Ranch – Rick Faber
River Oaks Camp – Donavan Washington
Southwestern Union Camps
Camp Yorktown Bay – Jeff Villegas
Lone Star Camp – Tyrone Douglas
Lake Whitney Ranch – Paulo Tenorio
Wewoka Woods Adventist Center – Apple Park


Columbia Union Camps
Camp Adena – Joel Johnson
Camp Blue Ridge – Eliasib Fajardo
Camp Daniel L. Davis – Patrick Graham
Camp Mohaven – Edward Marton
Laurel Lake Camp – Ever Perez
Mount Aetna Retreat Center – Carl Rodriquez
Mid American Union Camps
Broken Arrow Ranch – Tim Floyd
Camp Heritage – Denison Sager
Camp Highpoint – Kory Douglas
Flag Mountain/Northern Lights Camp  - Loren Nelson
Glacier View Ranch – Steve Hamilton
Mills Spring Ranch – Matt Morland
North Star Camp – Jose Torres


Atlantic Union Camps
Camp Berkshire – David Susa
Camp Cherokee – Dan Whitlow
Camp Lawroweld – Mark Tamaleaa
Camp Victory Lake – Robin Venters
Camp Winnekeag – Milton  Marquez
Pacific Union Camps
Camp Cedar Falls – Bob Wong
Camp Waianae – Erik VanDenburgh
Camp Wawona – Norma Villarreal
Camp Yavapines – Manny Cruz/Wendy Eberhardt
Leoni Meadows – Craig Heinrich
Nevada Utah Camp – Darriel Hoy
Pine Springs Ranch – Jeremy Cruz


Lake Union Camps
Camp Akita – Mike Campos
Camp Au Sable – Ken Micheff
Camp Sagola – Jim Nephew
Camp Wagner – Jason North/Leon George
Camp Wakonda – Eric Chavez
Timber Ridge Camp – Charlie Thompson
North Pacific Union Camps
Big Lake Youth Camp – Les Zolibrecht
Camp Ida-Haven – Darla Roe
Camp Lorraine/Alaska – Laurie Hosey
Camp Mivoden – Jeff Wines
Camp Paxson – Phil Hudema
Camp Polaris/Alaska – Laurie Hosey
Camp Tukuskoya/Alaska – Laurie Hosey
Sunset Lake Youth Camp – Dave Yeagley
Adventist Church in Canada Camps
Camp Frenda – Glenn DeSilva
Camp Pugwash – Teresa Ferreira
Camp Whitesand – Sandra Wall
Foothills Camp – Kevin Kiers
Mountain View Summer Camp – Brian Wahl
Woody Acres – Bruce Smallwood/Ken Corkum
New Camp Directors 
Camp Hawthorne – Prince Lewis
River Oaks Camp – Donovan Washington
Camp Thunderbird – Lorenzo Shephard
Lake Whitney Ranch – Paulo Tenorio
Camp Blue Ridge – Eliasib Fajardo
Camp Akita – Mike Campos
Camp Wakonda – Eric Chavez
Camp Winnekeag – Milton Marquez
Mills Spring Ranch – Matt Morland
Indian Creek Camp – Greg Taylor