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Where Can I Find... (Meeting Locations)

Not sure where you are? Check out Cohutta's Map, or call their number at 706-695-9093

Main Building Facility Map (Retreat / Conference Center)

Life Center Building Map 

Not sure where everyone went?  Check out these lists!   (Revised 11/27)





Workshops (Thursday afternoon & Friday morning)

Track Name
Track Host
Camp Directors Dogwood South David Yeagley
Camp & Family Life Dogwood North December Casey
Camp Health Life Center Room 1  
Development / Fundraising Magnolia South Dan Hansen
Equestrian Magnolia North Stephani Trescott
Food Service Life Center Room 4 Shelly Ward
General Camp Oak Ross von Pohle
General Camp 2 Pine Dan Whitlow
Hospitality Life Center Room 2 Helen Faber
Mental Health Dogwood Central Kay Graça
Rangers Life Center Room 3 Todd Ward


Birds of a Feather (Wednesday evening 8:45pm)

Location of Meeting
Camp Ministry Supporters Oak Terry Bolton
Directors (Executive, Summer Camp, Managers) Dogwood North Brian Wahl
Equestrian Magnolia South Esther Lorenson
Food Service Dogwood South Debbie Henderson
Hospitality / Office Personnel Pine Stacey De Pluzer
Rangers / Plant Service / Facilities Dogwood Central Seth Coridan

Round Table Discussions

Thursday Afternoon  4:45 - 5:45 pm

ALC Online Staff Training Demo & Suggestions Dogwood North Tracy Wood

Camper Follow-up

Dogwood Central Todd Casey

Camp Career Track/Wage Scale and Salaries

Dogwood South Phil Younts
Staff Recruitment Magnolia Auditorium Carmen Ibañez
Nature Centers & Outdoor Education Pine Terry Bolton

Why Blind Camp?  Why Now?

Oak Jeri Lyn Rogge, Christian Record Services
Summer Skit Resources Magnolia South Greg and Kim Taylor



Sabbath Morning  10:15 - 11:15 am


LGBT Discussion

Magnolia Auditorium Wendy Eberhardt, NAD, VP for Ministries

Sabbath Day Programming

Oak Todd Casey

Five-Day Camp Model

Pine Jeff Wines

Teen Camp Done Differently

Dogwood South Craig Heinrich

Ebb and Flow in Year-Round Scheduling

Dogwood Central Elías Esquivel

Stewarding Camp Ministry Budgets: How To Increase God’s Tithe

Dogwood North Tracy Wood

Intentional Ministering to User Groups

Dining Hall Todd Ward

Developing A Spiritual Oasis at Camp

Maple Rick Faber