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Camps around North America are dedicated to youth ministry at Summer Camp. We want to meet you - our high school & collegiate students. That is why this year we have created an online event, the largest Adventist summer recruiting and employment opportunity, to give you the opportunity to work at Summer Camp. 


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How? Join us on April 6 between the times of 1pm-11pm EST in our online platform. Much like walking into a gymnasium with booths spread out, our directors will have "rooms" you can join to meet the camps of your choice. Jump into a room, chat with the staff, and pray about the decision to serve in Summer Camp. Feel free to visit multiple camps - in fact we encourage it! There are many opportunities to serve in what we consider one of the largest youth evangelism events in North America.

There is a place for you at Summer Camp! 

Where to Register: Online registration link is above (see 'Register Now on Whova').


Q. I've never worked or attended camp before. Where do I even start?
A. Experience is not required to work at summer camp. When hired, we will give you all the tools you need during staff training week. Tell the director your experience with kids (if any) and what drove you to explore summer camp ministry. God doesn't call the qualified - He qualifies the called. We appreciate your willingness to serve.

Q. There are so many camps in North America. What camp should I look into?
A. We encourage you to meet many camps and review what makes them unique. Each of our camps are different and beautiful in their own ways. What works for one doesn't always work for the other. We have camps that range from 20 staff to 140 staff! Things to consider would be: location (is it near where you want to be), travel (what are you willing to spend to get there), length of camp (how many weeks do they run; consider your summer vacation) and spiritual life (is the "camp feel" in alignment with how you worship and connected to God). Much like attending college, we encourage you to apply at multiple camps so that you can see your options and make the decision that God has called you to. 

Q. I'm already hired at a summer camp. Should I still attend?
A. YES! You are the best recruiter for our camps - camp staff! You know what camp is and who is best for your camp. Join your camp's "booth" and share with others what camp has done for you, what it's about, and TELL YOUR FRIENDS about this event. 

Q. I want my friends to work at camp too. How can we go to the summer camp together?
A. Camp Friendships are some of the best - old and new alike. Mention to the director your friend(s) may apply. Employment together is never guaranteed but it is nice for us to know. 

Q. What does camp pay?
A. This is a discussion to have with the camp director after an offer has been made. We all have different pay scales that are set accordingly by the conference we work with. Most camps pay on a scale of experience - the more years you return to camp, the more money you will make each year. A bonus: find out from your school what matching / scholarship funds may be available to you! Many adventist colleges have something like this in place and the amounts vary. 

Are you a camp director? Click here to register & see training videos.

Do you want to exhibit? Registration info to come!