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Descriptions of Seminars

Camp Directors Track Seminars

Hosted by Carmen Ibanez

Leading through Challenging Times
What kinds of crises have you had to walk through as a leader? Did you feel like you might not come out the other side with your sanity intact? Your job? Because of the leader’s position, facing significant challenges can be lonely and daunting. This seminar walks through steps a leader can take spiritually and practically to process those crises and emerge better and stronger as a leader. Presenter Gregg Hunter, CCCA President/CEO has served in more than 30 years of leadership. Bring your questions and prepare for active discussion.

It’s all About the People
What are your people looking for in a leader? What do they need from you as a boss? This seminar focuses on the benefits to your ministry and business when you focus on your team – what individuals need and how best to help them thrive. It takes a detailed look at ideas for increasing morale, including team members in evaluating important processes, and improving employee satisfaction – which leads to guest satisfaction.

FOOD SERVICE Track Seminars

Hosted by Debbie Henderson


Year Round Track Seminars

Hosted by David Yeagley

What is This: Creating a Culture of Ministry Excellence: Do guests leave your facility wanting more? This seminar will explore how to create a spirit-filled culture of excellence that will have your guests seeking its Source. 

How to Run Camp Understaffed: Without burning out yourself, or your staff, how can you do year-round camp work with a small team?  Listen to some of the challenges and possible solutions for how to make this happen. 

Living on Camp Without Losing Your Family: When you hit your knees at night do you wonder what your family will think about camp ministry in 30 years? Come learn and share ideas of how to include and strengthen your family on the camp ministry journey.

Finding Balance Between Ministry & Business: Camp ministry is a tight-rope act. You won't survive without balance. Ministry vs. Business, family vs work, projects vs people. This breakout session is a conversation designed to help us regain balance.


General camp Track Seminars

Hosted by Tammi Baker

American Camp Association (ACA) Resource Round Table
Learn about all the ways American Camp Association (ACA) can support you as a camp leader and professional! We will explore resources in online training, in-person conferences, research, professional development, staffing, connection to your camp peers, and more! We will also talk about the value of ACA accreditation and membership.  

Re: Think Day Camp
Using Day Camps to expand your influence and impact! A Case study ; How Alaska brought camps to remote & poverty stricken areas. 

Summer camp Director Track Seminars

Hosted by Brandon Westgate

Spiritual Facilitation: Camp is a prime spot for spiritual formation to take place, but it takes masterful facilitation skills to leverage the opportunities available. In this workshop, we'll discuss what spiritual formation is and isn't, how we can maximize it at camp, and how to mature as spiritual facilitators leading and guiding the next generation of Christ followers. 

Generation Alpha: Did you know our youngest campers are a part of a new generation that differentiates itself from Generation Z in many ways? In this session, we'll be learning about the megatrends we're seeing in kids born since 2010 and how that impacts what we teach and how we teach it. 

Ministering to & With Generation Z: It can be easy to grumble about the younger generations. But from a Biblical perspective, we ought to instead approach with humility and curiosity so that we can best lead and equip the next generation. Generation Z are our oldest campers, our summer staff, and our youngest full-time employees. In this workshop, we'll discuss trends, motivations, and characteristics of this generation, equipping you to better minister to and with this generation.

Leadership Development: 25 years ago, New Life Ranch, a camp in Oklahoma, launched its first summer of a Leadership Development program for high school campers. Since then, the program has grown into a three-year, three-tiered intentional program founded on servant leadership, Biblical discipleship, and practical leadership experience. If you are interested in sequential leadership development, starting a leadership program at your camp, or even just a unique program for your High School campers, come here about our program and what we've learned along the way.

Mental Health Track Seminars

Hosted by Edward Marton

Presenter Jon Bettlinski
Dr. Jonathan P. Betlinski is a psychiatrist in Portland, Oregon and is affiliated with OHSU Hospital. He received his medical degree from Loma Linda University School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years.


Camp Health Track Seminars

Hosted by Stacy DePultzer

Presenter Tracey Gaslin
A professor and dual certified nurse practitioner in pediatrics and adults. She completed her PhD in Educational and Organizational Leadership and taught for 10 years specializing in camp nursing, pediatrics and hematology. Dr. Gaslin periodically works as a camp consultant and legal consultant and publishes the majority of her work in the areas of camp nursing, service leadership, hemophilia, and pediatric development. 

Dr. Gaslin served as the Medical Director at the Center for Courageous Kids for six years where she worked with children with chronic disease, disability, and life-threatening illness. In her current role as the Executive Director for the Association of Camp Nursing, she travels throughout the US and Canada educating healthcare providers about camp health services and the many benefits for children and adults. Dr. Gaslin is passionate about bleeding disorders, camp, and creating standards, guidelines, and evidence based support to serve diverse individuals.

Title:  Conquering the Basics of Camp Health Services (Part I)

Speaker:  Tracey Gaslin PhD, CPNP, FNP-BC, CRNI, RN-BC

Description:  Camps often have camp directors and leaders overseeing camp health services but these individuals may have limited education regarding this important work.  Having foundational information related to the structure of health services can prove to be valuable as we strive for quality while minimizing risks.  This session will outline some of the most important components in navigating healthcare at camp.  This session will be especially helpful for camp leaders and directors needing education and training in this area.


Title:   Advancing Health Services: An Integral Camp Component (Part II)

Speaker:  Tracey Gaslin PhD, CPNP, FNP-BC, CRNI, RN-BC

Description:  Camps often have an understanding of basic first aid and foundational health services.  However, we may fail to consider that we can elevate the quality of care provided by adding a few simple actions to the care measures.  This session will outline essential health services and mechanisms to advance the quality of care.  Healthcare teams include everyone at camp and each of us has a role in creating healthy, safe spaces for those we serve.  


Title:  Learning to CampWell: Tips to Taking Care to the Next Level

Speaker:  Tracey Gaslin PhD, CPNP, FNP-BC, CRNI, RN-BC

Description:  For camps to be successful, we need to continually strive to improve our communication and caring skills.  While we need our staff to have safety skills like CPR and first aid, more importantly, having good relationship skills that are used every day and in every interaction at camp.  This session will provide ideas and tools to drive more profound connection and support for those in our care.


Title:  Awakening to an Ecosystem of Care and Connection

Speaker:  Tracey Gaslin PhD, CPNP, FNP-BC, CRNI, RN-BC

Description:  While we continue to deal with the youth mental health crisis of our time, we are finding new and different ways to promote mental, emotional, and social health.  Camp is an essential tool to help youth and adolescents learn to care for and connect with others.  Your camp culture determines the physical and emotional outcomes for your campers and this session will help camps identify the important work where individuals are seen, heard, and appreciated.


Equestrian Track Seminars

Hosted by Kristen Allen

Ministry on Horseback: Pastor Helvis Moody, Youth Director Southwestern Union Conference. How horses have impacted reaching souls for Christ within our church AND how we can reach out to the equine community.

Outpost: Equine Specialty Camp: Kristina Allen, Equestrian Director for Lone Star Camp. Come explore (and unplug) the possibilities for creating a “Western Experience”, Hear and share experiences for this desired alternative to The All-Inclusive Dude Ranch.

Building a Year-Round Horse Program: Stephani Trescott, Equestrian Director for Camp Kulaqua. Learn how to build a year-round horse program, acquiring and maintaining a healthy herd.

Disaster Preparedness: Angelina Allen, BS International Rescue and Relief-Public Safety; Stephani Trescott, Equestrian Director for Camp Kulaqua; Kristina Allen, Equestrian Director for Lone Star Camp. Be prepared. Disaster planning and safety protocols with interactive simulations and round table discussion.


Facilities / Rangers Track Seminars

Hosted by Randy Maddox

Quit Juggling You're not in the Circus: Evidence based leadership tools to organize your day and communicate with your team. 

Can tech save you time? Automating access control, security systems and environmental controls. 

Managing Up: Establishing a shared vision with your leader. 

When Disaster Strikes: How to reduce the risk and damage caused by the potential threat of natural disasters. How best to respond when disasters do strike.


New to camp Track Seminars

Hosted by Joe Ottenger

Transforming Retreats: Unveiling the Power of UltraCamp’s Retreat and Conference Module: Join us to explore UltraCamp's Retreat and Conference Management Module. Tailored for both newcomers and seasoned users, discover how our software transforms facility management, simplifies billing processes, and enhances communication. Elevate your event planning experience with UltraCamp!

UltraCamp Basics and Beyond: Dive into UltraCamp's essentials! Our brief presentation caters to both first-time users and seasoned pros seeking a refresher. Gain insights into fundamental tools and features while discovering the latest updates. Start or refresh your UltraCamp journey, gaining confidence in navigating and utilizing our software to its fullest extent.

Summer Camp Recruitment:  How do you go about finding summer camp employees? What are the things that you should look for in a staff? What in the world should you talk about during the interview process? Come to find out better ways of making connections with potential candidates and make the recruitment process a breeze. 

Summer Camp Staff & Camper Discipline: When to use the Carrot and when to use the stick - How do you discipline? Does it build people up or tear them down? How do you balance your approach in which it glorifies God, along with redeeming both campers and staff? 

Presenter Derek Wright
Derek Wright works as a Vice President, Operations at UltraCamp, a camp management software company founded in 2006. He is part of the Operations team within the Operations Department and their management level is VP-Level. Derek is currently based in Granger, United States and used to work at Camp Wawona and Camp Heritage.