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Michelle Cummings, CEO, Training Wheels


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Tips and Tricks for Successful Icebreakers and Staff Training Activities

You’ve probably already figured out that converting regular activities into virtual activities isn’t as simple as just finding an online meeting room to use.  There are many additional things to consider and it requires some creativity, re-imagining and redesigning, all while keeping the integrity of the program intact.  We have to think about ways to increase engagement in an easily distractible environment as well.  As the need for online delivery intensifies, here’s a few tips on how to convert your in-person staff training or youth programs to virtual sessions, as well as some best practices for virtual facilitation. 

  • Learn multiple virtual icebreaker activities you can implement immediately.
  • Tearn several experiential Staff Training activities you can do in the virtual space.
  • Learn tips and tricks for different ways to keep participants engaged in a virtual setting.
  • Understand the importance of including movement into your presentation.