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Camp Polaris
Camp Calendar
Conference Contact
Laurie Hosey, Camp Director
Alaska Conference
6100 O'Malley Road
Anchorage, AK  99507
Phone: (907) 346-1004
Fax: (907) 346-3279
  Camp Contact
Debbie Reiswig, Camp Manager
PO Box 207
Dillingham, AK  99576
Phone: (907) 842-1486

Camp History
Camp Polaris has been in continual operation since the mid 1950's. The facility was originally built to provide a Christian camp experience for boarding students attending the Aleknagik Mission School. Building material was barged to the remote location and built on site by mission school volunteers.

The original cook shack was replaced in the late 1950's. Roland Moody purchased several old buildings from Crick Cannery, which went out of business in 1946. He barged these buildings across Bristol Bay to Aleknagik. The old cannery cookhouse eventually made its way up the lake and became the new Camp Polaris cookhouse. It has received several coats of "firehouse red" paint in the ensuing years and is a landmark on Lake Aleknagik.

With the exception of a few buildings that have been destroyed by winter winds, all of the original buildings are still in use each summer by the children of Western Alaska..

Information on Property and Camp Facilities
Camp Polaris is operated for one to two weeks each season for a kids' summer camp program.

Camp Programs and Special Features
A highlight for the kids is the 1 1/2 hour barge and push boat ride up the lake from Aleknagik. As the barge slowly moves up the lake the sounds of singing and laughter echo across the water.

Camp Mission
Current camp info goes here.

Directions to Camp
Fly to Dillingham, drive to Aleknagik, 25 miles, and boat 12 miles up Lake Aleknagik. Inaccessible except by boat for float plane.
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