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Expert Online Training

Hello Camp Professionals: Breaking News: I have been talking with Expert Online training and they have agreed to give all camps who sign on for this service a $2.00 discount off the per staff member rate of $12.00. So, per staff member rate would be $10.00. If you want to take advantage of this offer please contact them at the contact information below.
Bill Wood

Subject Line: Limited Time Offer from EOT

"Thank you for replying to my recent inquiry assessing your enthusiasm for Expert Online Training.  For those of you interested in complementing your in-person training with this library of video training modules, quizzes, and handouts, you may receive a $100 discount off a yearly subscription.  Simply call Eytan Peliowski or Jono Landon toll-free at (877) 237-3931 and mention the promotional code SDA2010.  This special offer is in effect until Friday, April 2nd, so I recommend signing up in the next week if you're interested.

Those camps who are considering Expert Online Training and still have questions may visit the website ( or call (877) 237-3931 and have Eytan or Jono set up a Free Lite Account for you.  The Free Lite Account gives you a fully functional Director Dashboard, plus access to 2 videos of your choosing.  It's a way of test-driving the site before making a commitment to subscribe."

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