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Camp Lawroweld
Accredited by the American Camping Association
Camp Calendar
Conference Contact
Mark Tamaleaa, Camp Director
Northern New England Conference
91 Allen Avenue
Portland, ME  04103
Phone: (207) 797-3760
Fax: (207) 797-2851
  Camp Contact
Rocky Schlager, Camp Manager
288 Westside Road
Weld, ME  04285
Phone: (207) 585-2984
Fax: (207) 585-2985
Home: (207) 585-2389

Camp History
In 1925, Joseph Stagg Lawrence, teacher of economics at Princeton University, and Dr. Clarence Well purchased land to build a camp for New York/Jersey boys with the idea of using students at Princeton as counselors. Blue Mountain Camp opened in 1927 with 50 boys in attendance. Later the name was changed to Lawroweld, a combination of Lawrence's name and Weld, the name of the town. Mr. Lawrence sold the camp in June 1947 to Northern New England Conference and in July 1947, the first Junior Camp for NNE opened with Dr. David Shaw as Director.

Information on Property and Camp Facilities
Beautiful Camp Lawroweld is nestled at the base of several mountains on a 1,000-foot frontage of Lake Webb. It occupies 200 acres of land on which is situated a very impressive lodge built of weathered field stone and solid rock maple logs. There are two fireplaces; the larger accommodates six-foot logs and has a mantle of green Vermont granite weighing three tons. The property also includes medical, store, staff house, and craft/nature facilities, and 10 buildings for housing campers. In a setting surrounded by wildlife, one may look directly across the lake and view the majestic moose feeding on the soft mosses of the lake bottom.

Camp Programs and Special Features

From May to October, coeducational program are offered, including Blind, Teen, Junior, Family, and Aquatic Camps. In addition, a Teen Winter Bivouac with various activities of snowmobiling, skiing, sledding, etc., is offered. Professionals (ministers, doctors, dentists, teachers) and individual churches hold retreats at the camp. In addition to the fun and educational activities, the spirituality of the camp programs is of utmost importance and is demonstrated by the innovative and interesting morning and campfire worships by the camp pastors.

Camp Mission
Current camp info goes here.

Directions to Camp
Take Rt. 142North to Carthage. At Bradbury Minimart gas station, turn left, and pass Mt. Blue State Park. Go 2 miles and the camp is on the right.
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