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Fundraising/Grant Writing

I was looking at the Search Institute web site and noticed this about fund raising and writing a grant proposal.  There are thousands of dollars out there that would be available for your camp if you just ask.

Writing a Grant Proposal

If the granting agency does not require a particular format, consider using this approach:

1 - Executive summary: Clear and concise, outlines the problem, the objectives and the expected outcomes, project activities and the audience to be addressed

2 - Organization information: mission, history, structure, other funders/partners, nonprofit status

3 - Statement of need: Keep this focused on the need for the proposed project

4 - Project description: State objectives in measurable outcomes

5 - Key staff dedicated to the project short biographies

6 - Budget

7 - Conclusion (includes the "ask")

8 - Always include a cover letter

  • Have someone unfamiliar with your project read the proposal and give feedback
  • Try The Foundation Center's web site ( for information on free proposal writing seminars

Web Sites with Information on Grant Opportunities

Fundraising Web Sites

Sell Products

There are many companies that help non-profit organizations sell products for fundraising. There are some creative non-commercial ideas at the following page that could be a lot of fun while still being a profitable fundraiser. footerlogo  
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