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Hi Everybody: 

A special thanks to Jim Daly for sending the following info:  

So many of us live in areas that provide a opportunity to experience the wondrous beauty of a night sky.  In our camps for many years it’s seemed like we’ve given up the view in favor of lighting that sometimes block most or all of that chance.  The ubiquitous 175 watt mercury vapor or high pressure sodium yard light are everywhere!  In fact, there’s one in my back yard who’s days are numbered.


We can’t forget safety factors such as adequate lighting for stairs and security but, there are methods, if proper care is given, to have your cake and eat it too.  While doing the research for my own yard I bumped into the following web site for the International Night Sky Association.  I offer it as one source of info to help us reclaim the chance to enjoy the night skies for our guests. 


Jim Daly               

Camp Michigamme

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